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History of Letellier - Four generations of shoe retailing

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The Founder - Joseph Letellier
Joseph Letellier was born October 2, 1862, in the Region of Bellechasse Quebec, which is on the east side of Quebec City on the St Lawrence River.  In 1886, he married Alexina Dugal and in 1897 (or before - we aren't totally sure!) he opened a men's shoe store by the name Letellier Shoes in Ottawa.

Second Generation - Joseph Achille Ernest Letellier
Joseph passed the store onto his first son, who was second of four children, Joseph Achille Ernest Letellier who was born in 1888 in Bellechasse Region as well.  He married Marie Beatrice Laura Beaudry of Gatineau.Third Generation - Joseph Aurele Marc Letellier
They had six children and Joseph Aurele Marc Letellier was the third son and fourth of six children and he took over Letellier Shoes from his father.  He was born in Ottawa and he married Marie Ida Jeannine Carmen Lajoie.

Fourth Generation - Jean and Louis Letellier
Jean and Louis took over their father's store and as Jean said, I planned to add women's shoe before we even took over!  It was a great move for the women of Ottawa who have been loyal customers of this Ottawa institution for many years.

And now....

In 2014, Jean and Louis decided to sell the business to East Lake, a family owned footwear retailing company with other footwear stores in Ontario.  The torch has been passed but the tradition goes on.  Excellence in footwear forever!  And over 50 years at 146 Rideau St in Ottawa.